Gin School

Distil your own gin - Ticket for one £125
Share the experience - Ticket for two £150

Classes every Saturday afternoon!

Yorkshire's Number One Visitor Experience!

Winner of Experience of the Year
in the White Rose Awards 2019 & 2020

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Come and join us here at Hotham’s award-winning Gin School and Distillery in Leeds for a gin experience you’ll never forget!

Upon your arrival, we'll greet you with a Hotham’s Gin and Tonic.


You'll join a group of no more than 40 other gin lovers in our purpose-built Distilling Room.



Head over to our Botanicals Bench, where you’ll smell and taste amazing botanicals, and choose the ones you like best for your own gin.


Our distiller will advise you on the quantities required.


You'll weigh out your botanicals and you’ll soon have a balanced recipe ready.

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Next, you'll add these botanicals to your still, where a litre of spirit awaits.

You'll learn about the distillation process whilst you enjoy a gin-based cocktail. Our distiller will talk to you about the history and characteristics of gin, and you'll learn about different varieties.


You'll hear about the Hotham’s brand and how we came to be.



We'll encourage you to taste your gin as it distils and your botanicals release their flavours - see if you can identify them as they appear! 

We'll show you how to measure the strength of your gin, then you'll decide how strong you want your finished gin to be.



Whilst you enjoy another one of our delicious G&Ts, it's time to bottle your unique creation.

You'll bottle your gin and label it before wax sealing to make it look as unique as it will taste.

Then, you'll apply the Hotham's stamp of approval - the perfect finishing touch to your handcrafted gin.



It's time to graduate! Celebrate completion of Gin School with photos - mortar boards and scrolls provided!

Finally, head up to our bar to enjoy a range of spirits distilled on-site along with a selection of craft beers.

Don't forget to pick up your gin and Gin School souvenirs before you head off home!